Monday, 6 January 2014

Proper Grim

Marooned on boat. This morning, Sumo had to jump off of the back deck and then swim for shore. Since then, the river has continued it's rapid inexorable rise, and is now too deep and swift for me to wade about in safely. The planks and ladders we used last year, to make a bridge, have either been used elsewhere or washed away in the current.

On the plus side, I did manage to chop up and store some logs before this second lot of floods started, so at least we aren't cold. Don't know how long shorepower will last though, as all the cables are now underwater. Ran the engine for a short test period this morning, just in case it's needed.



  1. Thinking about you, Ken. Still lots more water coming your way. The meadows are underwater at Abingdon. Take care.


  2. Hi Alistair. Thanks, that's kind of you. The EA say it will continue to rise for at least another 24 hours (at least). We're in a good position to ride it out now. Situation could be a lot worse, so we're counting our blessings. People are grumbling that the levels should have been managed a bit better. But there is a vast amount of water flowing. I expect 'they' are doing what they can. Stay dry! (and happy new year to you).