Tuesday, 23 April 2013

St. George's Day

Very busy at the marina this morning. Backlog of boats being craned in and out. And a massive barge, waiting to disgorge it's 15 tonnes of "shite" that's been blasted off of the railway bridge during the refurbishment. Time to move! Took the boat down to Cliveden to squeeze the most of this long awaited fine weather, and to give mister some quality exercise and new sniffs.

Beautiful sunshine. Had the river to myself all the way down. Very nice.

It's good to be moving again, even if Sheena isn't here.

Sumo destroyed our bedding in a fit of pique. Normally he just scuffs up his blue blanket in protest and indignation, when the engine stops and he doesn't get off (such as in locks). But today, he went a little too far. When I first spotted him, it looked like he'd constructed himself a cute little dog nest. It was only when he budged, I noticed the massive rip and a big chunk of duvet fluff missing. Naughty boy.

Tucked up in the bushes. Nice mooring, just inches to spare. Mince and tatties for tea. Awesome.

The cliveden towpath. In Jerome K. Jerome's day (and in old postcards), this stretch was completely treeless all along the river edge. How lovely, that must have been for them. Those overhanging trees are a right PITA now.

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