Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bug City

I forgot that this is the time of year when annoying flying creatures hatch out of the river. The boat is infested with 1000's of the things. Though, thankfully, they are not the biting variety.

It was not nearly as nice, today. The sun was struggling to pierce through the clouds. Think I am going to head back up the river tomorrow, before the rains come again. Took Sumo for another enjoyable walk..

Bumped into a labrador owner who used to work on the estate. I commented on the new buildings that have just popped up. Three blocks of them. He said they are "eco homes for the extremely wealthy". They look like something out of Gerry Anderson to me. Or eastern europe. All blocky and square. The National trust have sold off part of the estate's land to fund development in other areas. Shame, really. These buildings do not fit into their landscape. Nor are they very sympathetic, at all. Just all blocky and square. I don't see how it is "eco friendly" to level a shed load of trees and put concrete blocks on them. I guess the money had a lot to do with sweeping aside any niggling concerns about that.


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