Saturday, 20 April 2013


The sun is out. And there are no chilling gale force winds! If you have a boat here, it's the law that you must now buff it.

Fortified by two pints of Guiness (cheers Peter), I set off down the river to spend the night on the Cliveden estate. Self service, at Cookham lock. Ack! But, kindly, another boat owner did all the button pushing for me. Cheers dude. Unfortunately, on arrival I discovered that there was a narrowboat where we normally prefer to stop, so I ended up on 'Goose Poo Island'. A handy place to give the boat a quick wash down. But Sumo wasn't impressed that his walk was exceedingly short (it's more of an eyot, than an island). Hopefully, I can make it up to him tomorrow.

Two Canada geese weren't very happy about it either. They abandoned their nests, and honked at me profusely. From the safety of the river, naturally. Thankfully, twenty minutes later, they were sat back down on their eggs again. Calm restored. I was surprised by the size of them. Massive.

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