Friday, 28 December 2012


Peter has kindly lent me a pair of waders, so I can get ashore without getting my legs wet twice a day. I have a new set on order, but knowing my luck, they will not get here until the flood waters have receded.

They've closed the Thames Barrier, and the water level has risen so much now, that it would swamp a pair of wellington boots. Yesterday the boarding plank came adrift, and I had to jump over the side to rescue it, before it floated away and we got marooned. Unfortunately, I slipped on the wet wood, and ended up getting soaked. Sloshing about with waders full of freezing cold water certainly put a new perspective on the day.

Thankfully, I had a fire going, which dried everything out fairly quickly. Not an experience I am in a hurry to repeat though. Brrr... :)

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