Wednesday, 5 December 2012


We've been lucky enough to have a Kingfisher fishing off our back deck for the last few days. We often see them whizzing up and down the riverbank, but this one has been up close and personal. Not more then 3ft away, and none too worried about our proximity. Sadly, I've never had the camera to hand when it's around.

(picture pinched from google images).


  1. Ah, they are wonderful - when I was on the thames I would hear one every morning do their call as it flew past the window of the boat. Would often see them fishing around the boat.

    Also, a great sight was watching the bats at night drinking from the river, and catching the flies.

  2. Hi Graham. yeah, they are wonderful little birds. This is the first one we've seen, that hasn't taken off as soon as it's seen us. It's quite happy to sit there looking us, then taking off at it's leisure. They make a small "plop" when they dive in. About the size of a minispud thrown overboard. So we know when it's about. :) Hope you are nice and warm mate. Turned a bit 'kin nippy, hasn't it?

  3. It's a sign that the river where you are is healthy if they're about - which is good.

    All good here, Eva is now 4 months old and doing well - I am adjusting to fatherhood.

    is a bit on the chilly side, but prefer it chilly to drizzly and meh.

    keep warm and safe!

  4. @Dad. Sorry Dad. I ticked your comment to publish it, then it vanished into the ether. Don't know what happened there. Weird.

    @Graham. Same mate, I prefer the dry and cold, to the perpetually wet. 4 months, eh? time whizzes. glad to hear things are good with you.