Monday, 24 December 2012

Ba Ba Ba Bom

Normally, I don't mind "a bit of Bing". Especially at this time of year. But, if I hear "Let it Snow" one more time in the Co-Op. I think I will explode.

Jumped off of the boat into a foot of water this morning.

Swamped my Wuff-wear wellies. And even the plastic bags I'd wrapped around my feet, failed to halt the inrush of water. Levels are well up again now. Flooded the bank everywhere. The EA says it won't rise above the previous flood levels, but it came on so fast and strong, everybody is taking that pronouncement with a pinch of salt. Spirits are fine, around the marina. Everybody is their normally happy selves. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the village, where the stressed city folk have brought their rude pushing, shoving, barging ways home with them.

Mattie and Rich built us the ramp again.
Cheers guys...

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