Saturday, 10 September 2011

King's Lock

Sandford, Iffley, Osney, Godstow, & Kings.

We were hoping to get up to Eynsham meadows today, and tie us up safely before the predicted storms from the tail end of the hurricane broke. Our little Bukh engine carried us 12.19 miles, and negotiated us safely through 5 locks, before we decided to call it a day at the luxurious and manicured lawns of Kings Lock.

Travelled through a complete mixed bag of weather today. It was heaving it down with rain one minute. Severely gusty the next. Then followed by periods of brilliant sunshine. Rinse and Repeat. Quite Odd. We got blown around a fair bit, especially coming up to lock layby's at low revs. But, with no flow on the river, it was nothing for us to be unduly concerned about.

Burnt out BuskerPassed the burnt out shell of Nb 'Busker' at Port Meadow.
Glad there was nobody on board when that happened.

Burnt out BuskerHappy to see our friend Dave on Nb 'Chavori' at Oxford.

But the sad news of the day, was that Oscar (his Akita) had died. Aged 12. It only happened a couple of days ago, so he was understandably still quite gutted about it. But I'm glad we were able to stop, and offer our condolences. Oscar was a lovely dog. A real gentle giant. Will miss seeing him around.

RIP Oscar. Thinking of you, Dave. You gave him a great life.


  1. I met Dave and Oscar when they were moored at Walton-on-Thames. So sad to hear Oscar has died, he was indeed a lovely dog.

  2. Hi Sam. Thanks for that. We probably won't be seeing him until March now, as he's staying around the Oxford area over winter. But, when we do, we'll be sure to pass your kind thoughts on.