Thursday, 1 September 2011


Sumo chewing GrassDoing a 5 day stopover, while Sheena visits her mum again.

Abingdon againI like Abingdon a lot. Unfortunately, even a garden shed costs £500,000.00 around here. But, I guess the same can be said for much of the thames. Having a boat has allowed us to visit some places we couldn't even have afforded the bus fare to.


  1. Hi son is sheena's mum okay ? it looks lovely where you are.

  2. Hi Dad, thanks for asking. nothing serious. unfortunate timing, given that we were in the middle of the thames, wondering which direction to head off in next. but we're dealing with it. Sheena has a nice stressfree home to come back to, anyway.

    summer seems to have gone. and we'll have to decide soon, whether to head for the canals, risking getting frozen in, or to stay on the thames, stuck behind the lock closures until march 2012. a tough decision. which will maybe come down to a coin-flip.


  3. hi son glad to hear its not serious, hope she gets better soon, aye it must be really stress free being able to meander where ever you want to,summer seems to have raced by this year lets hope we dinae hae too bad a winter, I'm sure the pair of you will come to a decision on where to meander next without having to flip the proverbial coin take care dad/lesleyann.

  4. me again son,the site still will not let me post a comment using IE9 and google but when I use firefox and google it does very strange. dad