Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back at Abingdon

We were pinned against the bank by the winds for a couple of days, but it was no great hardship, as we had supplies, and the Farmoor nature reserve was such a lovely place to be stuck at. Nice summery weather going downstream.

Scrapped BargesStopped in Oxford for 30 minutes, to let the engine cool down a bit, have a cup of tea, and say hello to Dave (Nb 'Chavori'). Didn't fancy overnighting there, as it was all a bit grey and nondescript. On the way down to Iffley lock, we noticed that Salter's Steamers have finished cutting up their barges for scrap. Didn't take them long at all.

Annoying DribbleOn our way back down to Sonning now. We have an annoying dribble of diesel leaking out of the fuel pump nozzles, and Chas (Nb 'Long White Cloud') has offered to help us fix it. Not a major problem, but it's making our pristine engine look a bit grubby, so it needs sorting out before we tackle the K&A. (Yes, we are finally venturing onto a CANAL!).

Sumo Vs. the Stuffed Sea CreatureYesterday, we did a grand total of 17.83 miles, descending through 7 locks. (Pinkhill, Eynsham, Kings, Godstow, Osney, Iffley, & Sandford). Our longest journey yet. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. zzzzzzzzz...

Through the Back DoorThis morning's view.


  1. Hey Ken & Sheena - you're heading onto the K&A! - will you be going as far as the caen hill locks ? We visited them on our camping holiday over summer, they were amazing!

  2. Hi Graham. I don't think we'll be venturing that far on our first visit. Need to be out and back down the river before 1st November, when the lock closures start. Charming though the K&A probably is, we don't want to be stuck on it all winter.