Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Really Free

I sent the Really Free School an email of solidarity, and wished them well with their occupation of 34/35 Fitzroy Square (or 'Black Dog Towers' as we like to call it). They replied, and asked me if I'd like to pop down and "relive the space". Thrilled!

Unfortunately, Mr Ritchie's 'builders' have completely gutted the insides, and very little of the original Georgian features and charming period character remains. The RFS have found the 'renovation' plans, which include :-

a jacuzzi
a steam room
an indoor swimming pool
a gym

Mr Ritchie, you are a vandal. and a cliche.
as well as being a twat with too much money!

I'm appalled at the destruction. I knew that Mr Ritchie was a detestable mockney fuckwit before seeing the inside of his house. But now I know that he's also trashed a magnificent and historical example of Georgian architecture, I despise him all the more.

** Pictures courtesy of the Really Free Website

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