Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Sheena's wondering if "where we used to live" is relevent on our boating blog. As an illustration of the often bizarre & ridiculous twists and turns of fate, i think that it is. We had some wonderful times in that building. And in the future, whenever we wonder what became of it, we can look at the pictures... and KNOW. All of it's character was gutted, and it only lives on in our memories.

I feel like I should clarify the use of the word "despise" in my last posting. It's a strong word that I don't normally use. I don't hate anybody. What I despise, isn't Guy Ritchie, himself. What 'celebrity producers' get up to, isn't normally any of my concern. No, it's the lack of philanthropism, which I despise.

The Wiki of Philanthropy
Philanthropists and the Arts ~ Guardian Article

My Point? With the state axe making ever larger cuts on the arts, now is the time, more than ever for EXCEEDINGLY RICH PEOPLE to put their hands in their pockets, and think about how they can help people less fortunate than themselves. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out. The Victorians did it. So why don't the modern uber-rich?

Imagine the good that could have been achieved with six million English pounds. How many of the next generation of film makers could have been helped and inspired. 34/35 Fitzroy Square could have been a centre for learning and excellence. A chance for youngsters in London to make their own independent films, without having to secure extortionate funding, and put themselves in debt. But no, it's going to become a jacuzzi, a steam room, and an indoor swimming pool. Way to go. how fabulous.

Sorry for the rant.

Sheena is back on friday. And so is our Inverter. So, I look forward to being able to write about boating again. Sorry if I've bored anyone, but seeing my old place of work reopened as a place of education, has made my millenium. The RFS are running courses on "How to Knit", too. brilliant.

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