Monday, 7 February 2011

New Batts

We got our new 135ah leisure batteries from They delivered with a fast, friendly service, and the best price we could find in the UK. If you are ever in need of any new batteries yourself, I would definitely recommend them.. ~ Leisure Batteries ~ Next Day Delivery

No news on when our inverter will be returned. If it's not here on thursday, Steve has said he'll ring Holland to try and track it down for us. Christmas is a long time gone, and it's been with them for nearly 2 months now. the unit was under warranty, and we feel like we're being messed about. The only positive of the whole situation, is that it's occured over winter, when river conditions have been very bad, and nobody has been moving at all.

Without an inverter to convert our batteries into 240v, we are limited to day trips. Without an engineer's report, as to what went wrong, nobody will admit to liability.


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