Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Aroo de de de doo
Aroo de de de dido

Plenty of people messing about on the river. Narrowboats, slipper launches, rowing boats, hireboats, inflatable canoes and massive hotel barges. So plenty of practice at avoiding obstacles. The best free mooring spots were taken, but we managed to ram the bank further on downstream, without running ourselves aground. We've discovered that trees are very useful for stopping the boat from going anywhere. Then it's just a matter of swinging the stern in leisurely, and stepping ashore with the pins.

Trees are very usefulwarp speed propwashSuccessfully rammed the bankKen ~ Beardless Version


  1. seems like your begining to enjoy it son !!!!

  2. cheers dad. now we know the engine and gearbox are reliable, we're not so worried about us having to chuck the anchor over the side every five minutes.