Friday, 24 September 2010

Free Fruit

We walked up to Wooburn Green today, and on the way, investigated the abandoned apple orchard. The trees were still fully laden with tons of fruit. We did a quick 'taste test', and discovered that they were all crisp, sweet and delicious. There were six different varieties on offer, including a purple one, which looked like a large Plum. I've not encountered it before, but apparently (according to google) it's called the 'Bloody Ploughman'. Great Taste!

Unknown applesUnknown apples
Unknown applesThe Bloody Ploughman ~ My FavouriteSheena asked a local woman who was gathering crab apple branches for the Church harvest festival about the history of the place. The courts have ruled that the local council can't build flats on the land (like they'd wanted to) because local people have been walking and enjoying the undeveloped land for over 20 years. An ancient by-law has saved this beautiful spot from being bulldozered.

Unknown applesThe Russet ~ Sheena's FavouriteSumo likes foraging, and helped himself to a nice juicy apple from a low level branch. When we got back to the boat, he also ran off with, and scoffed one of my bloody ploughmen, which had rolled out of the over stuffed fruit bowl.

Sumo likes apples.


  1. Wow, what I would do with those apples!

    currently built my small apple press and am in the process of making cider - got a good mix of apples here!

    Seems you three are having a great time on the river and exploring.

  2. Hi Graham. We felt guilty enough about running away with a rucksack full. Shame the locals don't have a use for them, themselves. The trees were all still STUFFED with fruit, which will probably all drop and spoil. Do you recognise any of the 'unknown' varieties? We're not exactly apple experts.

    Enjoy your cider, mate. Sounds great..