Monday, 17 March 2014

Got Wood?

I've had another narrowboater moored up next to me, which blocked out all the sunlight and zapped the internet signal. As it was nice and sunny, he decided to play his radio extremely loudly, and bonk his girlfriend senseless all weekend. If he'd started up his genny too, it would have been the 'ultimate perfect score' in bad manners. So, this is why the next time someone asks "Please can we moor up next to you?". The answer will be "No, Sorry". (barring an emergency).

What's all that 'kin wood doing there?

The dude made good on his promise, and delivered on the silver birch front. Unfortunately, it's temporary location didn't prove too popular, so I had to shift it. If there is any of it left by then, it should sort out every boater on the marina next winter. Advice from Adrian the gardener: "Get it split, quick. Because it will be a bugger to crack when it's dried out".

Mister in the River
Riverbeast enjoyed the Sunshine.

'Clean Shoes. No Shouting'.
£4.50. Made in Taiwan. Highest quality polyester. Just don't smoke anywhere near it! A temporary stopgap measure, until our mate Dave can sort us out with some whipping for our posh flag.

Things are fine, this evening. I'm not hemmed in. I have my view back. Access to the internet. And I've bagsied these nice looking chunks...

Summer Reserve

Wehey. Some logs to chop.


  1. I have been tittering here for 10 minutes! I guess you were a tad cross then! Hahaha!

  2. I'm glad you've said that Sue... I thought it was so funny too, but I think if I was Ken I might just have untied Romeo's ropes LOL

  3. He is after our mooring now too. Shame, because he was a nice bloke. There was a space for him to move to, but he chose to Impose himself on us. Ignored me when I knocked on the roof, to ask when he would be moving. People get ONE chance with me. And he has most definitely blown it. Yeah, parts of this tale are funny. But the other parts are just downright rude mickey taking.

    Oh well. We live and learn..