Thursday, 13 March 2014


Sorry there are no pictures today. I've been far too busy, because the sun came out full force. And baked us with full-on summer sunshine loveliness. Started off with de-scuzzing the well deck. It was all looking a bit sad up there. Some rust blobs needed anglegrinding. And green algae from the winter deluge had to be bleached away. We had some rare and exotic form of spagmum moss growing underneath the bow lockers too. All gone.

The rough spots have been stripped back and treated with Vactan, in preparation for painting tomorrow (or the next sunny day). Underneath the bow rails, I noticed that our most previous paint job was 'tic tac orange'. So very grateful that was changed.

Then I remembered we had half a tin of bitumen left (because I tripped over it, on my way in), and one side still to black. I managed to lean over the bow and stern to paint down to the waterline. And dangled off of the marina tug to sort out the middle section. Wehey! Had enough left over to do a second coat on the other side, so that everything matched up. Our hull is now not looking quite so sad and unloved anymore. And I still have time to turn my attention to the bits above water that aren't black, before Sheena gets back.

Washing up my brushes, Cris (Wb 'Odin') came over to tell us about a place in Oxford which might be able to haul us out for a quick survey. And a local tree surgeon knocked and asked if I had any use for silver birch logs. A whole fallen tree of them! Not sure where I will be able to put them all, as the shower is already full of kindling. But I said "yes please".

Some people are not too keen to travel with a roof full of wood over the summer months. Fair enough, I guess. But it seasons really well up there. And it's one of the few things in life that aren't taxed. In addition to the warmth, the satisfaction gained from burning free wood is immense. Summer wouldn't be summer, without chopping a few logs in the sunshine.

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