Saturday, 24 November 2012

Still Rising

There was a look of complete doggy surprise when we went out this morning. Normally, we have to step down to get onto the boat. As there's only a couple of inches left to go, before the river breaches the edge, I'm hoping we can move to the service jetty tomorrow. It's a floating pontoon, and we'll be safer there.


  1. keep safe!

    I had some pretty hairy times on the thames when it was VERY high. You really appreciate the power of nature when you're living so closely with it.

  2. Cheers Graham. From what i gather, you can't even get a canoe underneath Osney bridge at the moment. It's whizzing down through there. Some boat came adrift, and capsized against the weir the other day. Glad I'm tied up safely here. Hope things are good with you..