Tuesday, 27 November 2012

More Water

Yep, It's rained all day again. Not in big chunks, but a chilly windblown unremitting pizzle, which is quite miserable and demoralising to be out in. So we stayed put, and bunged another log on the fire. The river level has risen overnight, and from reports of the weather upstream, it'll continue to rise even further than this. The speed of the stream is currently "whizzing along". I guess, about 12 knots. Maybe faster. Impressive in it's ferocity and relentlessness.

Sumo has to jump off the end of the gangplank, and then swim for it. Thankfully, he seems to enjoy it. Though it's not such a barrel of laughs, when a dripping soaked dog is standing in the saloon, shaking himself. We can't go out for our usual walks, because the riverside paths are all flooded over (and i don't have any waders). But we are coping well enough. A big stash of wood and coal has definitely helped.

Not a very good day to be pulling out the leisure batteries to examine their electrolyte levels. They're settling at 12.74v now (down from 12.85v in the summer). Hoping for a dry day for that, sometime soon. Ha!

This was the situation in Henley, at 9:32am this morning..


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