Tuesday, 3 July 2012


"harrumph.... Not very patriotic!", said one of the vet receptionists, when I stated that I would be trying to avoid the whole 'Olympic' thing. The torch is due through here on Saturday, and she felt quite indignant that I wouldn't be turning out at 6.30am to witness it's procession through the town. That's because I don't need to. Our friend Toby wrote about the whole sad and depressing 'spectacle' of it... here.

I don't care who jumps the furthest into the sandpit. Or who can throw a weight the most distance. Or who can row down the river the quickest. None of that interests me in the slightest. In fact, I unapologetically, find 99% of all sports incredibly dull to watch. If they are your thing, that's fine. But please don't ask me to share your enthusiasm.

To equate a lack of caring for a state/corporate sponsored sports event, with a lack of an individual's patriotism, was to my mind ludicrous. And as an ex-naval man, I was also kindof appalled. Patriotism, to me, means more than just waving a flag around at a sporting event. So I bit my tongue, smiled, and walked away.

When Paul McCartney sings "hey Jude", I will most definitely not be watching. :-)

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