Thursday, 14 June 2012


We'd already pretty much written off this year's cruising season, because Sheena's mum needs more looking after. Unfortunately, she fell over last night and broke her hip. Or the hip may have broken and caused the fall. Operation scheduled for 4pm this afternoon at Exeter hospital. All going well, after that, a lengthy period of recuperation and physiotherapy will be necessary. In case you were wondering why we haven't travelled very much at all this year, this is the reason why.

I'm currently stuck in Abingdon, with red boards (no travelling), along virtually the whole of the river. Leaving the boat here for any length of time is not a possibility, because the salter's steamers trip boat pulls out our mooring pins from the spongy soil soaked with months of heavy rain. It also heeled our boat over so much, I thought we were going to sink by rolling over (my scariest boating moment, ever). So, I'm hoping the stream on the river will desist a little, and I can make my way down to Sonning soon.


  1. not good news son so sorry to hear about Sheena's mum hope she gets well soon.

  2. I didn't realise you were in Abingdon until I came past you at the weekend!

    If you can get below the bridge the moorings are much better... but are you doing that excellent mooring thing by hammering a pin through the ring of the pin you are moored to? It makes them amazingly secure...although Salters are another thing altogether! I could feel them turning above the bridge when I was moored below it!

  3. Hi Bones. Sorry to have missed you. There was nobody home when we came upstream, or else we would have knocked and said hello. You were extremely fortunate to get a wall mooring, as they are normally completely stuffed with overstayers and people dumping their dutch barges for months on end. As they are again, now. Chokka. Abingdon council are considering charging, as the selfish few are spoiling it for everyone down there.

    We are on the dog friendly meadows now. Opposite the weir stream. And moored with 4ft stakes. salters were even pulling our doubled pins out. Though I think that may be mr moles fault, and the incessant rain.

    Hope you and boots are having a nice summer.

    Ken & Sheena.

  4. Where did you get your 4ft stakes? I could do with some of those as well and I have been looking for AGES for some.

  5. Hi Bones. Sorry, can't help you. Ours came with the boat. Thought they were marquee pins, but I just googled for marquee pins, and they don't seem to have loops on them.