Monday, 16 January 2012

Chilly Nips

Phwooarrrr... It was a chilly -2, with ice on the inside of the windows when I woke up this morning. Sheena would have loved that. Lit the quickest fire I've ever started, and downed some hot coffee while the engine warmed up. Pleased to report that it started first time, without having to spank the batteries.
Reversed out into midstream, where it was lovely and warm, full of sunshine, and not unlike a spring day. Chugged up to Cookham lock, with the river like a millpond. The lock keeper was there, so going through the lock itself, was stress free. I entered it so slowly, he had time to dissapear into his little hut, and put the kettle on. But at least I didn't ram anything or end up wedged across the lock, making a fool of myself.

Once out of the lock cut, the river was a little more ripply, but it had hardly any flow on it at all. So, I enjoyed a very pleasant journey back upstream to Bourne End. Didn't see anything else moving all day, even though Marlow lock is apparently still open.

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