Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bah, humbug!

Wiped out by manflu. I do little sorties off the boat, to attend to Mr Sumo's wants and needs. But otherwise, I'm staying put beside the fire, as the wind cuts straight through me. Our supply of seasoned xmas logs is rapidly dwindling, but thankfully we still have lots of coal and wood on the roof that needs splitting. xmas is not my favourite time of year, and I will be glad when the whole thing is over and done with.


  1. And a Merry Christmas to you too Ken, hope you feel better soon love Mum xx

  2. sorry to hear you've caught the lurgie. I was the world's biggest christmas phobic...until we moved onto the boat, now I love it. Hope you feel better soon X Yvonne

  3. >And a Merry Christmas to you too Ken, hope you feel better soon love Mum xx

    haha... thanks mum. there's been an overabundance of 'hardsell' pouring out of the TV this year, which has really grated on me. I understand that people want to take their mind off of world problems. but they will all still be there on jan 1st. Hope you are sorted for xmas. and have a nice relaxing time.


  4. Hi Yvonne,

    > I was the world's biggest christmas phobic...

    I'd debate that with you. I'm the worlds biggest christmas phobic :)

    My celebration will be on the solstice, when i hope to have a good 'wassail' with friends, as i was too ill to go on the marinas 'Gentlemans stroll' (pub crawl) this year. This solstice, and the return of the sun is a much more important event to be marking, as a boatperson (i feel). but each to their own.

    I hope you have a good one on the boat, and don't get iced in anywhere. Thanks for the kind thoughts.