Saturday, 10 December 2011

Back on Boat

Back on the boat again for xmas. After a weeks absence, i'd expected to smell damp when i cracked the hatch open for the first time, but was pleased to discover that we were nice and dry inside. There was a "welcome home" whiff of dog, engine oil, diesel, and woodsmoke, but no sign of fungus or damp anywhere.

The outside temperature dropped considerably last night, and there was ice on the inside of the windows when I woke up this morning. River still not flowing fast, so there is the possibility of venturing out, when/if Sheena manages to shake off her cold. (She is still in Devon, until she is well enough to travel).

Our inverter has been sent back to Holland, and we've been warned "not to expect it back before xmas". Our friend Matt said that it was most unusual for a mastervolt unit to fail twice, and we've been very unlucky. Another friend, who sells them for a living, has offered to give us names and email addresses of high up people in the organisation. But what we don't want to do, is antagonise them, so that our unit gets slipped to the bottom of the repair pile. It's a tough one. I feel we have every right to be annoyed. But we also just want it fixed, and back on the wall again, so we can get on with our lives.

Engine is starting OK. Bit slow to pick up, given the cold weather. But I haven't had to get the heat gun out yet, and it is keeping the batteries nicely topped up.


  1. I have a friend who has a Mastervolt genny and I think that now earns air miles its been back so many times.
    Brian on NB Harnser who sometimes cant sign on so posts anonymously

  2. its good to get back home, hope sheena,s cold gets better soon, love dad & lesleyann.

  3. Hi Brian, Diana, & Magic,

    >>I have a friend who has a Mastervolt genny and I think that now earns air miles its been back so many times.

    ha... ours has been to Holland more times than I have too. Their combi's are supposed to be "ultra reliable", but ours has been a real PITA. If i could get my money back and go with another manufacturer, i would. Annoying, because when it works, its fine, quiet and just sits there and does the job well (1.2 amps an hour) ... but it always seems to break at the most inconvenient times, when we need it most.

    Hope you all have a good xmas.


  4. Hi Dad,

    > hope sheena,s cold gets better soon

    thanks Dad. she's at the hacking cough stage. hopefully it's on its way out. she's kindly been looking after decrepit me, while i moan and groan on the sofa.