Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cliveden Reach

We chugged our way down through Cookham lock to explore a bit more of Cliveden Reach today. Once all the impatient holiday cruisers had raced past us to queue at the next lock, we got the place to ourselves. There was nobody moored on any of the islands. Completely emptied. And they looked much more inviting in the sunshine. But, there wasn't really enough time to practice jumping ashore with the pins and sledgehammer. We're leaving that for another day. We only saw one other narrowboat ('Birdsong'), but they didn't look very happy.

The locking went OK, in both directions. We glided in, without colliding into anything or ramming the gates. Took us a while to get back to Bourne End against the current. But we made it.


  1. Some great pictures.

    Seems like you are both getting the hang of the boat! great stuff.

  2. Still bricking it every time we go out, G. Thankfully, we do not go very fast.