Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bank Holiday

The river was full of bank holiday boaters, and there was a strong headwind blowing. But this is exactly the type of practice we need, so we decided to join them. Reversed out fine, swung us around, and enjoyed the journey down to Cookham lock, without bumping into either of the two bridges.

There was a female lock keeper on duty, and a nice relaxed atmosphere today. Cliveden Reach was buzzing with day cruise boats full of people enjoying themselves. All the spots large enough to accomodate a narrowboat were taken. So we will have to try our first 'ramming of the bank' on another day.

Coming back, the lock was a bit busier, and a lot of the lay-by was already occupied. But we made it, without crunching into anyone, or making ourselves look stupid. We moored up like veterans at Bourne End, where the crosswind worked in our favour, gliding everything in, gently and safely.

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  1. Hi, Sumo was the key to finding you :-) x Sounds pretty cool... your travels x