Saturday, 27 February 2010

Dog Central

The day didn't start so well, as it was chucking it down with rain. It soon cleared up though, and I was able to emerge hobbit-like from the rear hatch to ask Steve about borrowing his grinder. Black 'n' Decker. Ultra reliable. With noticably less vibration than the Chinese tool, and more comfortable to use for longer periods.

Thankfully, I did not break it.

black and deckered
Did a couple of hours grinding, until more rain stopped play. Estoban (from the cruiser 'Lee Val') said "We're all very impressed that you're doing the hull work yourself, let me buy you a pint at the Bounty sometime". I was well chuffed with myself. But didn't have the heart to tell him we're too skint to pay somebody else to do it.

one hour hand scrape
Did an hour's handscraping, and then moved inside to tackle the job i'd been putting off for weeks.... the stove glass. It took about an hour of huffing, puffing, and twisting of metal before i managed to sort it. But now it's done. 100% safe. and i'm looking forward to testing it out this evening. Let's hope it doesn't crack.

fixed it
Babylon cruised through the marina, and gave everybody a suspicious stare from the warmth of their patrol car, but like the rain, they didn't hang around for very long.

It's also been "dog central" here today. Everybody in Bourne End who owns a dog, must have been out walking it. Golden Retrievers won. Outnumbering everything else, 3 to 1.

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