Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Well, here we are..

I hope it goes well for everyone.

Bryn is 8.
Fit and happy.
Such a lovely chap.
He makes us laugh every day.

I spent far longer than was anticipated down in Devon. Had a great time with Sheena and the lads. A nice bit of pack bonding, with some lovely woodland walks along country lanes and bridle paths. But there is a backlog of boats waiting to be craned out and use this particular spot, so I've had to come back and get a shift on..

On the refit front, things are going well. the new engine fits in the hole, like it was made for it (which it probably was). The supports for the old engine have been cut away. Nice sparks! And bar a bit of jiggling, swearing, shimming and knuckle scraping, we are almost there.

We're also replacing the deckboards, because the old ones had become squishy, waterlogged and blown. The original plating underneath was in remarkably good condition. Quick grind with a wire brush. a splash of Vactan (the river gods brought the sun out for 2 hours.... 10 degrees... perfect!). good to go, for another few years.

Busy. Busy.


  1. Good to hear from you Ken and pleased that the boat work is going well. Where have you had to move to to allow boats to be craned out? Are you still somewhere on the marina? Best regards to you and Sheena, hope to see you both in the summer, especially if you're out cruising! x


    1. Hiya Carol.

      We're still craned out. Waiting for the ever elusive Steve, to come and bolt/align the engine in properly. 53ft of Dogma, plonked right in the middle of the marina. Literally, the first thing you see when you come down the road. Been a bit like living in a static caravan / workshop. but the end is in sight now.

  2. Ah, I posted a comment on my own blog to you before coming to my fellow boater's blogs for a catch up. Yes I noticed you enjoyed Devon! I wonder if it will become a yearly thing now ;)

    I know you are delighted with the hull inspection.. what a bonus and what a great summer you are going to have.

    I am still going to Badger you (maybe with sandwiches) to go with you to Banbury... Oh you do remember don't you? LOL¬!

    1. Hiya Sue.

      it's an entirely different proposition being in a boat out of the water, than in it. it's cold and draughty being 20 feet above the river, with the wind whistling underneath the baseplate. the stove, though comforting, does next to nothing. i can put up with some quite rough conditions myself, but this was kindof borderline. without Sheena and the chaps, xmas would have been no fun at all. the big plus point for myself, was that it was far less "busy" down there. so, maybe.. who knows? it was lovely that we were all together.

  3. Is this you on the Thames today at Ditton I hope you and the boat are safe http://www.narrowboatworld.com/10595-boat-house-fire-damages-boats