Monday, 15 August 2016

Darkblue Narrowboat

I'm sorry we didn't let you moor up next to us. 

We have been kind and allowed it in the past, only for the mickey to be severely taken. Enough for us to vow "never ever again".

If, as you said, you'd travelled up all the way from Staines, you would have passed Windsor, Dorney lake, Maidenhead, Cliveden and Cookham. I appreciate that it is high summer, and many places are jam packed, but i severely doubt there wasn't at least one mooring spot for you anywhere on the whole of your journey.

Summer Protip: if you see a mooring, stop at it!

Please don't think too harshly of us. And I hope you found a spot, eventually.


  1. One day you will regret that attitude when it is you that requires the mooring!

    1. >> One day you will regret that attitude when it is you that requires the mooring

      I don't think so, Nauty Cal. I've done the river single handed in high summer, myself. There's always *somewhere*, Yes, it's a bummer if you have to keep going. Been there, done that. But such is life in a 50ft tube. The experience has taught me about expectations (how to be more flexible), how to open my wallet when necessary and how to accept longer hours on the tiller.

      Lack of light and air seriously pisses me off. As does urination, naff music, TV, bilge pumps, blower-heating , arguments and loud sex at 3am. For these reasons, I make it a point to never moor against another boat. Ever.

      What i most definitely would not do, is keep going all day, passing through three towns and many countryside moorings, so I can tie up on somebody else's boat because I'm feeling a bit tired. I cannot contemplate any circumstance that would lead me to believe that was an acceptable behaviour. Therefore, my future will be regret free.

      I do feel sympathy for the couple on the boat, especially if they are newcomers. They had 2-3 hours of daylight left, which was adequate time to get to the next free mooring we directed them to. The Thames becomes insanely busy during the summer. But that is not my fault.

      ** If you are "really stuffed" and absolutely have to cane the whole river in two days, you should have a word with a lock keeper. Many of whom are extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating.

  2. I've just read this.
    I'm with 'Naughty-Cal. Your attitude is horribly selfish.
    What goes around comes around.
    You say the people you refused to help were newcomers. What a welcome to the world of boating you gave them...........NOT!

    NB 'Red Wharf'

  3. Sam, I will tell you what is horribly selfish. inflicting yourself on another boater. please read it again. they had cruised past a METRIC FUCK TON OF MOORING SPOTS that they could have stopped at. But No... "let's plonk ourselves next to that narrowboat, they won't mind". I value my peace, quiet and light. for that reason, i would never, under any circumstance, moor against another boat for longer than a cup of tea and a natter. i accept that you are entitled to your opinion. but i respectfully disagree with it.