Thursday, 31 March 2016

Hey Hey..

Not the Monkees

We made it back safely. There were a couple of brown trouser and "barely moving" moments. Particularly around Cookham lock, where the two weir streams meet. But no loss of control. If something had gone wrong, it would have been very wrong indeed, because there is a large amount of water flowing through the cliveden reach at the moment.

The islands are nearly submerged, and it's also very choppy, with a high swell. Heard the exhaust complaining a couple of times when it got swamped, but once we hit the Bourne End reach, it was relatively plain sailing. Even Cookham bridge let us through without argument. Used a single rope for the towing. Our bow to the tug's stern dolly. Gave us a slimmer profile, than being breasted up. Worked, thankfully. Mr Bukh didn't let us down either. Worked flat out all the way, without anything popping, falling off, or belching out black smoke.

Should also mention that the hirefleets are still sending boats out. Saw 'Caversham' and 'Le Boats'. I know they have big seaworthy engines. but jeez...  I wouldn't risk it. it's madness out there..

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  1. Glad you are back safely!
    Another hug, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)