Sunday, 7 September 2014

Getting the Sniffs

Pinkhill. All to ourselves. Not a cloud in the sky. Awesome.

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. The connection between iPhone and laptop has been tempermental. And the sky has often been overcast with a blanket of grey. The boat is fine. We are fine. Just waiting for Sheena to come back, so we can have some quality time again.

PS. We met the boater who disposed of the "Mooring Fees" signs at Cliveden Islands, all those years ago. So, I stand corrected.


  1. I wonder if we will see the man tomorrow when we moor.. I wonder if we will see the signs!

    Nice to see a blog Ken and great to see Mister looking good too xx

  2. Hi Sue. They're probably floating down the river, like the last ones. :)

    It's been lovely up past Oxford. So unbelievably quiet.
    Got some more sunny side up happy snaps to post.

    Hope you're enjoying the nice weather too.