Saturday, 21 December 2013

Panic Saturday

Happy Solstice everyone.

50 shades of 'not very nice'.

ahhh, the joys of christmas. Stressed and grumpy cityfolk, pushing, shoving and squabbling over the few remaining sprouts and parsnips. What a wonderful time of year this is!

It's also seasonally cold, grey and windy. Doesn't look like I will be going anywhere until the river settles down again. Thankfully, I managed to chop up some more logs before it heaved it down with rain.

Sheena tells me that our Blue Ensigns have turned up. And our official royal warrant to fly them. Somebody jokingly called us "The Pikeys" the other day, which upset her quite a bit. It's only a bit of cloth, but I know it will get right up the noses of certain people who look down on us because of our off-grid lifestyle choice. There is even one ex-naval person here, who thinks that narrowboats are not "proper" boats. What a tool.


  1. Thanks for the lovely blog comment, Happy Christmas to you both and big hugs to Sumo! bless him... We shall be down your way in April/May as we plan to have a couple of months in London and on the Thames next year. Best Wishes Doug and James x

  2. I've just had the rare pleasure of catching up with your blog--something I've not had time to do take the most incredible pictures. It was lovely to see places along the Thames we visited last June and July, in a different season; still seriously beautiful in austere winter garb.

    Pikey was Les' nickname throughout his life--for his ability to spot treasure in the rubbish. Of course with that talent comes the need for a treasure house to store all those bits and bobs. I was tempted to do a good throw away of some things when Les was in hospital, but insanity prevailed and I restrained myself!

    May you both have a lovely, quiet, peaceful and joyous hoLiday aboard your "ship."
    Jaq and LESxx

  3. Awwww, Thanks for the comments. The solstice was my winter festival, Sheena does the Christmas thing with family. We're very fortunate to have met some truly genuine people during our time on the river. Hope 2014 brings you still waters and happy cruising. Best wishes...

  4. the ex naval person must have been comms or wafu, they never had any sense anyway, but don't let them get to son, you and Sheena have a really great christmas and an even better new year, love to you both DAD&Lesleyann xx

  5. Chief stoker, dad. Sells overpriced plastics now.