Wednesday, 4 September 2013

East Street

This was my view last night. Tranquil, serene and peaceful. Just me, Sumo and 1001 sheep.

Tonight, I'm on the East street moorings in Oxford. At the end, near Osney bridge. Where I get to experience the joys of traffic, car alarms, police sirens, and eastern european gentlemen shouting very loudly into their mobile phones.

The close proximity of "10,000 assholes" has made me quite grumpy. But I mustn't grumble, because I was lucky to get a space here. Especially seeing as I pitched up quite late in the day. It's free. And at least I'm not down on the Foley bridge moorings, where the 'special brew crew' will steal anything and everything off your boat that isn't nailed down. Last time we moored there, two young guys with bikes said that they (the SBC) had been sniffing around as soon as I'd left the boat to take Sumo for a walk in the morning. You are *watched* there. So, be careful.

The towpath telegraph also says that there have been thefts from boats down in Reading, too. The local boaters know who it is. I won't name them. Just be wary/cautious and vigilant, if you are mooring up near the tesco's jetty. Don't leave stuff on your roof. It goes walking.

On the plus side, I saw Matt and Nicky from Bourne End today. I hope they didn't mind me distracting them as they tried to get their widebeam 'whychcraft' though the bridge. Nice to see that they've made it up this far. It's lovely upstream at the moment, so I hope they have a nice time.

It's allegedly going to heave it down with rain on Friday, so after mister tesco has been tomorrow, I'll be heading off down to Abingdon soon as.


  1. Save us a space we will be there at 11.30 am tomorrow (Thursday) to meet Mr Tesco xx

  2. Ha, you've got the slot after me! Sure thing. Will be nice to see you,