Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Troglodytes Troglodytes

Sumo woke me up to tell me that there was a bird flying around inside the boat this morning.

But I didn't believe him and went back to sleep. When I finally did wake up, I noticed that it was a little Wren (troglodytes troglodytes), and it was heading straight for me. I ducked under the duvet, while it trashed about in the bathroom. It must have crawled in between the hopper windows and the frames overnight. Such a tiny gap. I wonder what made it do it? Maybe it was looking for a place to nest? Thankfully, it didn't poop everywhere in it's distress, and I was able to open up the hatch and back door, so that it could fly out.

The flood waters have finally gone down. But it took forever for them to do so. The river is still moving too fast to travel anywhere. Even if we could. Our starter motor was refusing to turn over, and has had to be removed, so that it can be sent off to Slough for refurbishment. The marina lads are going to give me a hand bow hauling us nearer to the service pontoon tomorrow, so I can do a much needed pumpout and fill our tank up with water.

With her mum becoming increasingly frail, Sheena is having to spend even longer away from the boat than last year. But, hopefully, she will be coming back for a few days tomorrow. Unless there is the 'wrong kind' of snow somewhere on the tracks.


  1. I had the same thing happen to me on my boat. Little Wren came and visited me. I had to capture it and let it go.

    hope you've got plenty of coal - it's getting (or already is) cold!

  2. Hi Graham. Why do they do it? Sheena thinks i'm a bit of a wimp to be spooked by such a tiny (and cute) little bird. but it wasn't flying right at her head. :)

    Thankfully, it flew out, and there was no need to capture it. I envisaged an avian fatality, but thankfully, that didn't happen.

    Just ordered another load of coal. it should be here tomorrow. so we are fine for the forseeable. Hope you and Matilda are keeping warm too.