Thursday, 3 May 2012

It raineth every day!

Two liveaboard boats. Don't know why they chose not to move.. because now they are stuck there, and they have to wade ashore. Nightmare..

The water level is still rising. It's nearly up to the 2003 flood marker. And it shows no sign of stopping there. Counting my blessings that I had the guts to move us through the weirstream, before we got stuck down below the lock. It was touch and go getting us up here, but I'm very glad that we did. Probably stuck here for another week, at least. But our ropes are tied to bollards, so we can rise with the river, and there is no worry about us drifting up and over the bank.


  1. High waters!

    my first spring on my boat we had some heavy rain, and high waters.

    Glad you're all safe!


  2. Rain, rain go away :) Love the pics and good luck.

  3. Thanks. River is going down now, but still red boards and nobody moving. Just glad that we weren't stuck at Oxford, with no water and no chandlery.